Our Services

We offer simple marketing services to small/medium sized businesses. With over a decade's experience working for major brands, we offer the ability to outsource your marketing and design needs, achieve results that require an experienced marketing team, but on a budget that is right for your business.

Web Design.

A great website is an invaluable tool in marketing your business.

The success of Facebook and other social media sites over the last few years made Facebook the main player to consider when having an online presence, but as this platform is now long established, it takes more that just a Fanpage to build the brand recognition you need to maintain business and grow.

We build our sites according to your requirements and budget. On our site you won’t find a price for a website build, this is because we need to know what is right for you, how big you are now, where you want to be in two years and more. Rest assured our prices are incredible value (we deal almost exclusively with small independent businesses) and we offer a simple solution where we look after your hosting, domain name transfers, boring legal jargon such as cookie policies and so on.

We offer a variety of different packages on different budgets depending on your needs.

Our sites are mainly built using WordPress as a content management system. Please note that we do not offer a “custom management system” on the majority of our sites, we believe this is totally unnecessary for the vast majority of small businesses and is often used as a way of tie-ing you down to your designer.

We have had several clients come to us upset at the prices for adjustments to sites quoted by their current providers and it has proven more cost effective to start fresh than to edit existing. With our sites, WordPress is an open source, very well understood framework. If for any reason you decided to use another designer in the future (which no-one has to date!) your site will be built using a well known framework that thousands of other developers will understand and be able to work with.

Our sites include hosting for emails (so you can have info@yoursite.com etc) and support after handover to ensure that you’re comfortable operating the site as required.

We will have a meeting, via skype, phone or in person, where we establish everything we feel is important about your business.

During this meeting we’ll establish the flow and layout of your site, combining what you want your customer to see, with the maintenance that you want to perform. We’ll then work on ideas and send you a quote within 24 hours. No pushy sales calls, no hidden costs.

Print Design.

We specialise in projects for small businesses, particularly in the hospitality and retail sectors.

Our services include logo design, posters, menus, magazine/newspaper adverts and much more.

We always have business at heart, which means designs are built around your brand identity and the message you are looking to get across. We have a decade’s experience of making POS materials for a variety of different clients, including hotels, pubs, restaurants, retail outlets, tattooists, photographers and much more. To view our recent projects, head across to our PORTFOLIO.

We offer a variety of different packages for our design clients, quotes available on an item by item basis, or monthly fee contracts for fixed work schedules. We can offer emergency design jobs on windows as short as 24 hours.

Consultancy work.

We help small businesses achieve their marketing aims.

You may be a total rookie starting your first business and needing some help on how to tackle your first marketing hurdles, or you may be an established business looking for a new direction or a fresh look.

We can offer advice based on an hourly rate and help you achieve your goals. This can be a number of functions, including running your social networking on your behalf, or conducting site visits to train your existing staff in more effective ways of marketing your business.

Social network specialists

We’ve been involved in promoting businesses through social networks from their inception, working with some of the largest brands in the UK. We established Reyt Design to help pass on corporate thinking to SMEs strategy. Some examples of work we have carried out for clients can be found in our portfolio, but these services included:

  • Meetings and training sessions with staff to train in effective marketing management techniques, including how to use social media to our advantage, brand standards, advertising account management and more.
  • Management of resources for small businesses for Facebook advertising, Google adwords, website management and more.
  • Full branding exercises including logo design, website building, POS creation and setting up and marketing of business.

For more information contact us to set up a conference call with one of our account managers.